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M & M Asset Locators is a company devoted to assisting clients in finding assets that are rightfully due to them.   These assets can be in the form of money, judgment settlements, inheritances or other forms of assets.  We are dedicated to locating, confirming and disbursing items to their owners.   There are no upfront costs, payment is only received once the client has received their funds.


More people than ever are due assets that they have no idea are due to them.   Tax refunds, State property, mortgage payments, escrow accounts, life insurance payouts, and the list goes on.   These companies are required to return assets if the rightful owner is located.  However most companies only send out one notification and if it is returned or no response is received the asset is held onto until it is pursued by an individual, but if you don’t know about it how can you pursue it.  That is what they hope for.


We provide searches at no charge to the client.  If you would like us to check and see if there maybe funds due you please fill out the information on the Service tab. 

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