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1) Is this a legitimate letter or a scam?
  • We are in business to assist individuals that have a refund coming to them.  All letters from M&M Asset Locators are valid and have only been sent when funds have been located and due to a client.
2) What is the process for obtaining these funds?
  • If you have received a letter please contact our office, we will send out an agreement explaining the process.  We will never ask for any upfront funds or any personal information. 
  • Once the agreement is returned we will start on obtaining the required paperwork to have your refund processed.
3) How is M&M Asset Locators paid for their services?
  • No funds are issued to M&M Asset Locators until the client has actually received the refund check.  Once the check is received then our clients at that point issue a payment to M&M
  • Asset Locators for their services.
4) How long does the process take?
  • Once all requried paperwork is obtained to process your refund, it can take up to 120 days to have your refund check sent to you.
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